In The Media

Mahurangi Matters – 5 August

Promising start to ambitious native bird initiative

Predator Free NZ Website – 28 October 2018

The CatchIT Schools programme is showcased on the Predator Free NZ website as they talk about children using innovative techniques to catch pests.  Click here to read the article

Auckland Council Website – 21 September 2018

Auckland Council announces the winners of the inaugural Mayoral Conservation Awards.  The CatchIT Schools programme wins the Schools category. Click here to read the article.

Auckland University Website – 11 August 2017

Associate Professor Rachel Fewster highlights the success of the CatchIT programme as a partnership between the Auckland University, The Forest Bridge Trust and local primary schools.  To read the article click here.

Mahurangi Matters – 2 August 2017

Point Wells Community & Residents Association are working with The Forest Bridge Trust and others to carry out a target pest control programme in their community.  To read more about it click here.

 Mātauranga Whakauka Taio – Environment Education for Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan  – 27 July 2017

This document sets out how government agencies will work together over the next 10 years to better support the delivery of environmental education in New Zealand.  The Forest Bridge Trust features in the document as a case study on page 22.

To learn more about the strategy click here.   Or read a copy of the strategy here.

To read the beehive press release about the strategy click here.

Radio NZ – 14th July 2017

Kathryn Ryan interviews Kevin and Gill Adshead from The Forest Bridge Trust as part of her story on Predator Free 2050.  You can listen to the article here.

Rodney Times–6 September 2016

This week’s issue of The Rodney Times has an article about our upcoming Community Pest Workshops and an update on the Catch IT programme.   You can read the article here.

Also, for information on the workshops, please click here. 

Rural Delivery–30 July 2016

Hoteo farmers John and Geraldine Taylor were featured on today’s episode of Rural Delivery.  John talked about the importance of riparian planting and fencing to protect waterways and explained how it made economic sense to his farming business to keep stock out of waterways.  He also described how as a result of a crowdfunding project with the Million Metres Stream project,  Council and his own personal contribution he is able to plant out a big section of fenced waterway at the headwaters of the Hoteo.

During the segment John also talks about the ecological importance of the Hoteo River and Kaipara Harbour and explains the work of the Forest Bridge Trust.  You can have a look at the video here (registration required).

Rodney Times–14 July 2016

The current issue of the Rodney Times includes an article about the CatchIT programme at Leigh School.   Have a look at the the students have been up to here.

NZ Farmer–4 July 2016

Read a great article about our successful project to fence valuable bush on Scott and Phillipa Innes’s Hoteo farm in the current issue of NZ Farmer.  The article describes the project and also some of the other activities the Trust is involved with.  You can read the article here.

Mahurangi Matters–4 July 2016

The 4 July issue of Mahurangi Matters includes a nice article about The Forest Bridge Trust’s CatchIT Schools programme.  You can read the article and see some pictures here.

Rodney Times–30 June 2016

The current issue of the Rodney Times features a great article about the successful completion of fencing around a 20ha stand of mature native bush on the Hoteo farm of Scott and Phillipa Innes.  The funding and fencing was a community effort and the projet was finished under budget so additional fencing could be erected.  You can read the article here.

Predator Free New Zealand–May 2016

One of the people who have made a major contribution to pest control in New Zealand is Mr. Warren Agnew, a teacher and inventor.  Warren invented the Black Trakka Tracking Tunnel which has become an indispensable tool to determine the types and density of pests in an area.  This information is then used to develop a pest control plan.

Warren has generously provided tracking tunnels to schools which are part of the CatchIT Schools programme and we are very grateful for his assistance.

Predator Free New Zealand recently posted an article about Warren on their web site and you can learn more about Warren and the tracking tunnels by reading the article here.

Enviro Action–Autumn 2016

Enviro Action is Auckland Council’s education for sustainability newsletter.  The current issue features an article about Catch IT schools and our successful 2015 training and trapping activities.  You can see the article here.

Mahurangi Matters–13 January 2016

Read about new developments with the CatchIT Programme and our work with the University of Auckland to develop the data capture and analysis portions of the program.  You can see the article here.

Predator Free New Zealand–December 2015

Predator Free New Zealand posted a blog on their web site about the CatchIT program and you can read the post here.

Valley Voice Rural Lifestyles–November 2015

Lynnette Third wrote a fantastic article about The Forest Bridge Trust and the CatchIT programme in the November issues of the Valley Voice.  You can read the article here.

Mahurangi Matters–28 September 2015

The current issue of Mahurangi Matters features an article about the CatchIT programme at Kaipara Flats, Tomarata and Tauhoa Schools.  You can read the article here.

Rodney Times–11 August 2015

This week’s edition of The Rodney Times featured an article about the Forest Bridge Trust by Delwyn Dickey.  The online version includes some great photos and a nice interview with Forest Bridge Trust Advisor Scott Innes.  You can read the article here.