2017 CatchIT Community Workshops


During 2017, 12 free pest control workshops 
were held in communities stretching from the Kaipara over to the East Coast.

More than 287 farmers and landowners came long to hear how they can deal to pests on their property.

Most took home a free trap or two to get things started and have already been reporting success.

The workshops were held at a variety of locations, including local halls, shearing sheds, garages and school halls.

The training events have also seen some great networks being formed, with people sharing contacts to form local support groups.

It was rewarding to see the enthusiasm from our rural communities and the willingness to put in the effort to help with the goal of landscape-wide protection. We look forward to hearing about benefits as people make a dent in pest numbers – more birds and insects, healthier forests, an increase in inanga/whitebait, and more fruit being left untouched on those orchard trees!