Ahuroa locals enjoy CatchIT Workshop – 18 October

Rain held off just long enough for 19 people from the Ahuroa community to enjoy a practical pest control workshop on Sunday 9th October.

Topics included everything from possums, throuahuroa-workshop-oct-2016-17gh to wasps and cats.  Everyone seemed to be having issues with possums, so this was definitely the hot topic of the day.

There was a great range of traps on show and many people took up the opportunity to take home a possum or mustelid trap.

Trapper Joe provided plenty of advice on pest control techniques and methods, and answered questions along the way.  He also threw in some great snippets of information which you may not have heard before:

Did yahuroa-workshop-oct-2016-27ou know that NZ once exported live possums to Korea?  They were known in Korea as ‘apple-eating tree bears’!

Did you know that possums will often stay browsing on one tree?  The more the possum stresses the tree, the richer the nutrients become in the stuggling leaves and bark.  The possums farm the tree for ‘superfood’ and only move on to the next tree when it dies.

The day was a great success with landowners keen to network and help each other reduce pest numbers.  Hopefully they will soon see the benefits of pest control, when wildlife like kaka and pigeon return.

If you weren’t able to make the workshop but are keen to do some pest control on your property,  email us at theforestbridgetrust@gmail.com