Ahuroa School Student takes CatchIT Schools to Red Beach – 11 October 2016

Ahuroa School student Dylan Hunt was so motivated by the CatchIT Schools programme he decided to spread the word to other kids outside his school.

Dylan’s class was part of the CatchIT Schools pilot programme at Ahuroa School in Term 2 this year. This involved the students learning about pests – and the hard time native species are having. They then took action by becoming hands on trappers in their own backyards. Students were encouraged to experiment and use bar charts and to analyse their results to improve their trapping success.

Dylan was so motivated by what he learnt from the programme, he decided to create a powerpoint presentation about his experience.  However he didn’t stop there.  He then gained permission to visit Red Beach Primary School for the day where he visited each class at the school, telling them about trapping pests and the fun he was having with the science and statistics side of the programme.

CatchIT Schools Educator, Liz Maire tagged along for some of the class visits. 

“Dylan not only told people what it was like to be involved in the programme, he also made them realise why he was doing it and how much fun it could be.  He’s an enthusiastic trapper and a born communicator!” Liz Maire, CatchIT Schools Educator

Click on the link below to see Dylan’s presentation


Dylan during one of the Red Beach class visits
Dylan showing a rat trap to Red Beach Primary School students