The Forest Bridge Trust

New Zealand’s native plant and animal species are under serious threats from introduced predators and habitat destruction.

The vision of The Forest Bridge Trust is to create a connected landscape of healthy forest and flourishing indigenous wildlife from the Kaipara Harbour in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east.

We plan to achieve that vision by connecting bush remnants, fencing, planting and doing weed and pest control throughout the area.

TFBT New Boundary Map_May01

The Forest Bridge Trust is a registered charitable trust.  We work with land owners in the target area and provide materials and manpower so that they can fence off native bush remnants, control plant and animal pests and, plant native trees to link up bush remnants. We also work with school and community groups and involve them in our efforts to create the forest bridge.

Join us to create a lasting legacy of a pest free forest bridge from the Kaipara Coast to the Pacific Ocean where native plants, birds and animals can thrive and be enjoyed by everyone.



8 thoughts on “The Forest Bridge Trust

  1. That is awesome and visionary esp given the devastating damage we are seeing to northlands forest and fauna


  2. I think this is a truly inspirational (but equally important ) achievable vision

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